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Capsule Endoscopy

The primary advantages of capsule endoscopy are that it's a non-invasive and comprehensive diagnostic tool. The disposable capsule, no larger than a vitamin pill, has a tiny camera complete with its own lens and light source mounted inside. As the pill travels all the way through your digestive system, it takes pictures which are sent as images to a data recorder you wear on a waist belt. These images tell us more about your digestive system - from the inside - than any other technology available.

With capsule endoscopy, there is no pain or discomfort. There's no sedation, surgery or hospital stay required and the preparation is minimal. We obtain a comprehensive "picture" of your digestive system, focusing in on the small bowel area. After your test is complete, you will return and we will download the images from the data recorder to a computer and view a color video of the pictures taken by the capsule. After the video is reviewed, you'll be contacted with the results, usually within a couple of days.